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Dec 11, 2011 2:15pm EST
. and by the way, rosalynn was going to be here tonight, but she got a little ill and couldn't make it. i like to brag on her and talk about her. she is in a better three quarters to call her. my partner in crime and by the way this year we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. that's not too bad. [applause] thank you. we get a lot of comments about that. people say 30 years coming here in the entertainment business, how the world has become not? what is your secret? i tell folks that simple because marriage is much like photographic film. it has to be developed in the dark. [laughter] so when i was dating -- for navigating the farmer's daughter in the early 70s and as we begin to get serious, the time came i had to go and meet the fire in the family. i said guys might imagine i was a 20-year-old young hippie rock 'n roll piano player with hair down to here and a beard and i was more than a little bit nervous that day. fortunately all did work out quite well and rosalynn family welcomed me with open arms if perhaps with some curiosity and more than a little bit of concern i'm sur
Dec 16, 2011 6:00pm EST
the key bridge from georgetown into rosalynn. the bridge just reopened. it had been closed because of two separate incidents. one, a man jumped off a bridge. then park police and d.c. police say a bicyclist was critically injured and a bridge had to be closed to get medical attention to him. he was not hit by a vehicle, rather he may have had a medical issue. >>> the man accused of trying to assassinate president obama is mentally a kay to stand trial. he's accused of firing an assault rifle at the white house. he was found competent. prosecutors asked for more extensive tests which is judge denied for now. >>> graduate student from george washington university died from a rare form of meningitis. the person infected lived off campus. they contacted 35 people with whom that person came in contact before they died. meningitis is an inflammation of the membrane surrounding the brain and the spinal court. symptoms include high fever, stiff neck, headache and nausea. there are vaccines and ant bioti biotics. >>> limiting parking at the busy mark building. 2,000 spaces available for the 5,
Dec 27, 2011 1:00am EST
, who passed away in july. longtime friend rosalynn carter and journalist cokie roberts were among the speakers. an unveiling of president gerald ford of the capitol rotunda. his children's book that the event. you can watch that tomorrow. up next, a discussion of national innovation policy with former white house advisor fell -- phil wiser, who now serves as the in of the university of colorado law school. -- as dean of the university of colorado law school. this is an hour and 15 minutes. >> all right. if i could have your attention, tonight is a special homecoming for me. we have done a series of the phil weiser one-on-ones. we had them on line. we had some great discussions. brad said he needed to turn the tables. i said all is fair game. i will start by giving a little bit of a presentation, so i can get out some of my thoughts. then i will let him have at me. we are going to be on c-span. there is a chance you will be on tv. if you wish to remain anonymous, you need to sit in the back of the room, behind the camera. however, if you are in front of the room, all is fair game. your
Dec 26, 2011 5:20pm EST
ford pass away in july. rosalynn carter and cokie roberts were among the speakers. also the unveiling of a statue of president gerald ford in the capitol rotunda. members of congress and the president's children spoke at the event. you can look at that at 1:35 p.m. eastern on c-span2. bill clinton was among the speakers at events commemorating world aids day earlier this month tr. other speakers included alicia keys, bono, and marco rubio. >> thank you for putting this together. this is world aids day. only somebody like you could get together a panel like this. for your work, it has been amazing. thank you very much. [applause] >> most people are actually here to see alicia. feeling the same. look, this is an extraordinary moment just to hear the words out of the mouths of this president, speaking of the possibility of the end of this disease, the greatest health crisis in 600 years, is extraordinary, it is an extraordinary moment for so many people, activists. activists who have worked longer than i or alicia -- it is just one of those moments. i'm just thinking if other presidents
Dec 22, 2011 6:00am EST
think rosalynn carter was and gas lines and shortages and they used egg shells and talk to me a about how the different first ladies put their take on this. >> for instance mrs. ford wanted a visit to the white house to feel like a visit to grandma's house. nancy reagan was glitzy with gold and garland and they all thought their own stamp on it. >> wonderful picture in the book of her on mr. t.'s lap. >> you talk about a pop culture snapshot at christmastime. so much fun. always had a celebrity santa and i think mr. t. stole the show. >> let's talk about this year's. you must watch this now with such innewsiasm. the white house this year, what do you think? >> i love mrs. obama's style and what is great about the type of themes she chooses always goes back to the real meaning of the holiday. it is shine, give and share and she also remembers our military, which could be more fitting. she encourages everyone to write letters to the military and just really honor the sacrifice being made. >> the book is called "christmas with the first ladies." so nice to see you. actually did one
Dec 26, 2011 7:00am EST
honesty gave her to others every single day. host: rosalynn carter speaking about betty ford. we often hear about the special bond that former presidents have after they leave office, even transcending parties and sometimes some difficult political battles in the past. what about the first ladies? do they have a special -- guest: it's a great sorority. just as many people were surprised to discover that president carter and ford had established a very close personal friendship, i think probably there were people surprised to learn that mrs. carter was one of mrs. ford's eulogists. she had been asked to do that by her good friend, betty ford. they had testified together up on capitol hill. as you know, mrs. carter has been a leading advocate on mental health issues. they teamed up. they were a great lobbying pair by all accounts. mrs. ford would make the case for her issues, and mrs. carter for her issues, and they worked together very successfully and developed -- it's not just politics that bring these people together. they discovered they had lots of things in common. they talked abo
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)